TOP-J Practical Japanese proficiency test is a test experts and professors have developed that are active in the Japanese education in Japan and overseas. The learning who are studying Japanese as a foreign language, this test vocabulary and grammar, than it is solid to measure the basic capabilities such as sentence patterns, communication, such as in foreign life and work that are staying in Japan through questions of in, we also aim to measure the ability to understand for Japanese society also habits and culture of Japanese companies.
Therefore, learners will be considered to be possible to deepen the ability to adapt to the entire Japanese society on which asked to grasp the basics of language.
TOP-J Practical Japanese proficiency test is divided into first intermediate and advanced. Performance of the test when you apply for a study abroad to Japan will also be same of language proficiency and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
For example, if you get the intermediate B is, then you are deemed to have a sufficient capacity to obtain enough to study abroad in the Japanese educational institutions in Japan, in Japanese society also Japanese companies if you have to get the senior A admitted that it has a certain adaptive capacity, you can be responsible for the work of interpretation, etc. of Japanese companies.

◆   Test time ◆

Listening test written test (total 90 minutes)

◆   Notes ◆

  1. Until the start of the examination, do not open the issue paper.
  2.  Issue paper on the front and back print 25 there page.
  3.  Answer sheet is one.
  4.  Answer and necessary matters, in a given column marks column of all answer sheet, please fill in the always black pencil or sharp pencil of HB.
  5.  Please fill in the direct answer sheet is the answer.
  6.  Questions about the problem content will not be accepted.
  7.  If there is fraud, will all answer invalid.
  8.  Do not issue paper brought back.

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