Welcome to CIE

Canon International Education Estd 2069BS .Warm greetings and a hearty welcome from Days come and days go; ages approach and wither away. But reputation which comes from the core of quality remains unchallenging for ever. It’s the thing Canon International Education has always been desiring and thus fulfilling since inception. The trend of moving abroad for higher education is ever increasing and we are able to offer a wide selection of quality institutions in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and the UK. With many years’ of experience in the field, we have come across many disappointed students who have been ill advised and ill-matched with the courses. To fulfill their dreams, students have turned to for professional services; seeking for Education guidance and assistance with visa issues. Our team of well qualified counselors together with experienced managerial executives offering ethical and professional advice has helped us to build our reputation to-date which has earned us the respect, good name and fame in the field.

Vision & Mission

  1. To establish best recognized, trusted and leading consultancy
  2. Marketing of our nation in the international academic field with more than 1000+ students annually.
  3. Create professional staffs and maintain high standard
  4. Provide our student to obtain high education internationally in different stream so that they could contribute to our nation after their course completion.
  5. Enhancement of knowledge with updated information regarding study abroad.


  1. To provide genuine, accurate information, counseling and ethical guideline to the prospective students who are planning to study overseas.
  2. Maintain professionalism and standardization regarding education consultants.
  3. Meet all the contractual obligation encrypted with both prospective students and educational institutes.
  4. Create outstanding facilities in favor of our students as well as bring this industry ahead for the improvement of education system.
  5. Analyze, Compare and contrast regarding the educational strategies applied in our home country with international education system.
  6. To contribute nation by creating employment and generate revenue.
  7. To understand student’s language proficiency, socio-cultural background, socio-economic and living standard overall.

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